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First Name :   Nancy
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Comment :   Hello family. Sorry, we will not be able to make it to the reunion this year. We will be on vacation in South Carolina then. We have moved and now have a new address. Our old address was 500 Rose Street in West Lafayette. Our new address is 200 Wildwo
First Name :   Jim
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Comment :   I like the website. I would like to be able to get a copy of everybodys address etc. I have lost my copy when my dauthers computer broke. Sorry I thin well be able to come to the reunion again this year. Thanks again Jim Steiner
First Name :   Gregg Steiner
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Comment :   I was just checking things out Gregg
First Name :   Deborah McDaniels
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Comment :   Love the website Thank you Dana for your hard work. I think it should say Mark instead of Make your calendars on the opening page. Hope all is well with you and family and a big Thank You from all the animals that your are assisting to find homes for!! L
First Name :   Fred-
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