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A selection of pictures and rememberances
(in her own words) of Grandma Steiner for all of us to enjoy.
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(We wish to thank James (Jimmy) R. Steiner the following submissions)


Edith Jenevieve Steiner

May 1974

I was born Dec 1, 1892, to Burchard Allison Nelson and JoAnnah Hanson Nelson, grew up in Americus Ind, was married in 1916 Feb 15th to Harry Burgess Steiner of Cataract Falls. He was born in Buffalo N. York to Mr and Mrs Henry Burgess, was adopted by Mr and Mrs Henry Steiner from the Chicago orphanage when he was five years old and was raised at Cataract Falls then at age 18 he went on the railroad became a fireman. Then gave it up and came to a farm home near Lafayette as a farm hand, we met in 1913 and were married in 1916 and were the parents of five boys and six girls. He died in 1936 and I carried on with the help of my children. They were all good children I have always been proud of them My eldest son Fred died in Oct 1966 at the age of 50 year's one month and one day. He had two fine son's. I have already celebrated my eighty-first birthday. My husband is buried in Americus Cementary. I wish to be buried by his side when my time comes. I wish to be taken to Hypensteels.


Grandmas Father,
Burchard Allison Nelson


Grandmas Mother,
Joanna (Hanson)Nelson


Harry Burgess Steiner


Grandma and her bike


Grandma and a friend



I have three life insurance policies two paid up policies from Western Southern one in Tom Steiners name and one in John Steiners name each worth $250.00 plus dividends and one Prudential that a premium of $3.85 is to be paid monthly while I live Also the Prudential policy was originally made out to Fred Steiner at Fred's death Oct 25-1966 it was changed to Joseph Steiner Also the Social Security gives $255 funeral allowance. Now I want a simple funeral nothing expensive, I am a simple woman, no frills for me, just love and respect. I have Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Medicare. Also I have an American income policy which I have had since 1950 which pays $10 a day when I am in Hospital and other expenses which must be sent in monthly which is $7.35 each month also an accident policy Old Equity If I am injured accidentally it costs $5.95 each month.
This will all be found in Green tote bag in my room as of now May 25, 1974


Grandma at the
Lafayette Cafe


Grandma and her co-workers
Anita Cook, Ginny and
Wally Stivers

From a calendar page dated Sunday February 15, 1970

My marriage to Harry Burgess Steiner was February 15th 1916. We were the parents of eleven children. Harry died Dec 3rd 1936 after near a year of suffering a cancer of kidney and liver. His last wish was for me to keep the children together and in the church I did the best I could, being both father and mother, was not easy, then and now the way things are it would been impossible. I lost my first born Fred Oct 25th 1966 age 50 years 1 month and 1 day old. He is survived by two son's and one grand child Jeffery.
(signed) Edith


Grandma and youngest son
Joseph Steiner, ca. 1953


Grandma and one of her grandchildren, Randi (Hawk)

Monday February 16, 1970

Fred has been gone seven years John has three boys now and Steve has one girl, Alice has married again a nice fellow we all like him and Alice is still close to us and the boys both have nice wives and children John has 3 sons, Jeffery, Jimi and Jason Steve, has a baby girl Michelle. ("Booper") Jimmie Moore and his wife Prudy have a little son Jeremy. He, Booper is a music teacher also Freds boys are both teachers. Katherine and Bud had two boy's in the service Tony has been married has two nice children, my eldest grandson served in the Navy is married and lives in Virginia. I have fifteen great grand children.


Grandma, Aunt Ginny,
Kim (Hawk), Tom
and Dana Steiner

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